25.11.2009 |

World Bank to start agriculture fund with $1.5 bln

Zölick World Bank President
World Bank President

Starting with 1,5 of anticipated 20 billion US $ the World Bank will start a trust fund for agricultural loans to developing countries. The fund has been critized by NGO as a top-down approach competing with more democratic concepts of the UN Food agency FAO.

20.11.2009 |

Biofuel push leads to world hunger, economist says

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The planet can produce enough food to feed all of its people a European diet several times over, but the global food crisis persists due in a large part to such misplaced government priorities as the push for biofuels, a Netherlands-based doctor of economics said in Saskatoon Wednesday. What’s more, said Roel Jongeneel of the Wageningen University, the nine billion people expected to populate the planet in 2050 can still be fed a healthy diet with plenty of food left over if world leaders focus more on protecting agriculture and less on growing grains for use as transportation fuels.

19.11.2009 |

UN hunger summit failed for lack of leaders, say agricultural groups

Care Paket
photo:Dieter Schütz/

”The blatant absence of the heads of state of the G8 countries... was one of the key causes of the total failure of this summit,” La Via Campesina said in a statement, adding that it showed ”an enormous lack of responsibility to resolve this deepening hunger crisis.” ”There were no measures to stop the devastating effects of corporate agriculture or to support domestic peasant-based food production,” said the coalition of groups advocating family farm-based sustainable agriculture.

18.11.2009 |

South African cardinal tells Food Summit: ’Africa needs water, not GM crops’

Farm Afrika
Photo: Lothar Henke/

At the Rome Food Summit which opened yesterday, Cardinal Napier, Archbishop of Durban, said: ”I have the impression that this organization does not know what the real problems of nutrition in Africa are. Africans do not need GMOs (genetically modified organisms), but water. We have our crops that grow well without genetic modifications, as long as you give them enough water. Well help us to build wells, dams and aqueducts; GMOs do not need it.”

11.11.2009 |

Cost Of Extra Year's Climate Inaction $500 Billion: IEA

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LONDON - The world will have to spend an extra $500 billion to cut carbon emissions for each year it delays implementing a major assault on global warming, the International Energy Agency said on Tuesday. At United Nations climate talks in Barcelona last week negotiators from developed countries said the world would need an extra six to 12 months to agree a legally binding, global deal to cut carbon emissions beyond a planned December deadline. The IEA, energy adviser to 28 industrialized countries, said the world must act urgently to put greenhouse gases on a track to limit global warming to no more than 2 degrees Celsius.

14.10.2009 |

Deutsche Bank shares IAASTD conclusions

Deutsche Bank
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A strategic forecast paper of "Deutsche Bank Research", Germany's leading Bank's think tank, comprising main findings of recent agricultural assessments and market reserach, has come to conclusions similar to the IAASTDs main findings. The paper, entitled The global food equation: Food security in an environment of increasing scarcity recommends heavy investment in smallholder farmers and rural infrastructure as well as public R&D in this field, an ecological adaptation of agriculture and major institutional change.

13.10.2009 |

Open Letter of 90 CSO representatives to the FAO

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In an open letter to the FAO CSO representatives from around the world expressed concern that the World Food Organisation's high level expert meeting "how to feed the world 2050" on October 12-13 2009 did not draw from the major groundwork conducted by the IAASTD and was about to ignore the Assessment's key findings. In a response, Hafez Ghanem, FAO Assistant Director-General assured the CSOs that the IAASTD was indeed taken into account, would be presented at the meeting and was now linked to it's key background documents.

07.09.2009 |

Biofuels now at a crossroads

Biofuels production today can be more harmful than help-
ful, says the Worldwatch Insti-tute’s ‘Red, White, and Green: Transforming US Biofuels’ report coauthor Jane Earley.

15.07.2009 |

A Stormy Time for Indigenous Wisdom

Native farmers in Paru Paru in Cuzcos Potato Park
Native farmers in Paru Paru c. M. Salazar/IPS

Indigenous peoples risk losing control over their traditional knowledge if the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) insists on strict standards for managing access to information.


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